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Sonder Brewing has year-round as well as seasonal selections.


ABV: 4.8%

A clean, crisp, and refreshing German style. Light gold in color, this beer is soft with a light noble hop character and slight floral aroma.


Style: Kölsch with coffee
abv: 4.8%

The equilibrium between a cup of coffee, and a refreshing beer. A clean, crisp and refreshing German style, brewed with a custom coffee blend that includes Ethiopian yirgacheffe. Aromatics of coffee jump out of the glass. A crisp, light bodied beer that is accented with a pleasantly delicate coffee backbone.


Style: Belgian wit
abv: 5.4%

Brewed with a traditional Belgian yeast strain, this refreshing light ale has notes of tangerine and subtle spices, curated from Colonel de Gourmet Herbs and Spices in Cincinnati.


Style: pale
abv: 5.3% 3

Bright notes of grapefruit, citrus, and melon. A thirst quenching tale with a hoppy ending.


you betcha!
style: NE IPA
abv: 6.5%

A hazy IPA with an explosion of tropical fruit from a heavy hand of Galaxy and Citra hops. Fermented with a unique yeast strand, this beer showcases a juicy and soft texture, leaving bitterness behind.

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92 Dayz
style: Hefeweizen
abv: 5.5%

92 Dayz is our traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen produced for the warmer months of the year.  Brewed with a heavy grain bill of white wheat, we incorporated a single decoction for a more complex and rounded body. Hopped lightly with Mittelfrüh hops, we fermented 92 Dayz with a blend of two weissen yeast strains for a more intricate flavor. Subtle fresh clove, honey, light bananas foster and a dash of spice, finishing exquisitely with a refined malted milk ball taste.


bird watcher
style: Brown ale
abv: 5.8%

A seasonal winter ale brewed with caramel and toffee sits on a medium bodied palate with a nice hint of nuttiness at the finish


ABV: 5.2%

Using only the finest pilsner malt from Weyermann Mälzerei in Germany; Zauber is our iteration of the rare and unique beer style, Zwickle bier. Delicately hopped in the kettle with Hallertau Mittelfrüh for a soft floral aroma, and complimented by a bready, crackery flavor. It is fermented with our haus lager yeast, and kept cold for weeks. Residual yeast is left in suspension, resulting in a crisp, authentic German brew designed to be crushed in a 1 liter stein. Prost!


Rally Cap
style: Pilsner
abv: 5.2%

A German Pilsner that is crisp clean with decent hop backing. Perfect for a summer night watching a baseball game


style: Bohemian lager
abv: 5.3%

Our brewers started this classic Czech pils with Bohemian Floor Malted Barley and a touch of Carafoam. It was then hopped exclusively with Czech Saaz hops and fermented low and slow with our house lager yeast. After fermentation completed, she was housed in our virgin oak American foeder for a month before being transferred to our stainless fermenter, and lagered below freezing for over 4 weeks. The end result is a complex beauty with delicate notes of oak and light spice, sweet crackers and a snappy, mouthwatering finish.


Fruited Voss
style: Kölsch with Cucumber & Lime
abv: 4.8%

Our house Kölsch, Voss, with cucumber and lime added


Hunter’s Sword
style: Double ipa
abv: 8.8%

A double IPA with a hoppy profile and clean bitterness


style: cider
abv: 5.7%

Cider with cherries