Sonder Stories Chapter 5: You Betcha!

Chapter 5 - You Betcha!

Customer: “I’ll have the New England”

Bartender: “You Betcha!”


Our flagship beer, a New England IPA, has really taken off. The team will tell you that New England IPAs are here to stay as a popular style, and You Betcha! lives up to the expectations. A testament to the abilities of our brew team, this was the first New England IPA ever brewed commercially by Chase, but with some help from Luke who is versed well in the style, they crafted a real gem.

Chase will be the first person to tell you that he’s a lager guy, and if he had his way Sonder Brewing would exclusively produce lagers. He first described the style as hiding brewers mistakes, and ultimately wasn’t impressed. It really came to fruition when Chase visited Justin’s house, talked about how he didn’t like the style, then looked in Justin’s fridge to find numerous different New Englands. Knowing how much Justin liked the style, it felt right to have Chase’s first test batch be his version of a New England. To his embarrassment, you’ll now find Chase drinking the style for pleasure from time to time, but he still plays it off as “testing”.

Daniel, who felt the same way about New Englands as Chase, speaks to how juicy and well rounded the style can be if done correctly. Clean is a buzz word thrown around Sonder quite a bit because it’s an emphasis by the brew team and truly speaks to what our typical styles are, but You Betcha! does break this mold a bit by being an unfiltered juicy beer. You Betcha! is a bit different from the typical New England, bringing the juiciness that is traditional to the style along, but with clean bitterness at the end to clean out the pallet, which appeals to the traditional hoppy beer drinker.

Luke claims some responsibility for this beer, as he should, but he’ll tell you that You Betcha! is a bit different from the New Englands he was putting out at Streetside. More of the fruit bomb that is typical for the style is what used to come from Luke, but his knowledge and experience paired with Chase’s drove the creation of this non traditional New England that has been such a hit. Luke had some recommendations to play up the hop character in the beer, and was behind some of the techniques that ultimately softened it up to be a bit more crushable. Luckily Luke was there to comment on the non filtering aspect because Chase didn’t want to go that direction at first, but being told that it’s supposed to look like orange juice made it a no brainer.

Can you tell this was a tough one for Chase? Out of his comfort zone for sure, but having Luke to lean on helped them to create one of our most successful beers. All of our beers have a story, and ironically naming this beer after Chase made perfect sense for the team. His Wisconsin roots hold true, and you’ll often hear him saying the phrase “You Betcha!” as a way to finish a sentence. The word “yes” has been eliminated from most of the staff’s vocabulary, and replaced with “You Betcha!”.

You Betcha! has been an absolute home run for us, and the story behind it doesn’t lack character and intrigue. You’ll see this beer around town and in the taproom year round as a Sonder Brewing staple.

PS. The labels are green and yellow, definitely not a coincidence that the beer has a Packers theme. Go Pack Go!