Sonder Stories Chapter 6: Rally Cap

Chapter 6 - Rally Cap

“This beer is a home run” - Daniel


Sonder’s baseball seasonal beer, a pilsner that’ll always make you think about the ballpark. A traditional German lager, right up Chase’s alley and is his go to drinking beer. It has some softness to it which allows it to be so drinkable, with some slight hop and bitter notes to it. It’s the beer that Chase has most been looking forward to brewing, and the passion comes through. Luke is fairly familiar with the style also having brewed it previously, but Rally Cap is a bit more subtle, slightly lower ABV, and more true to German style.

It’s been talked about before on how Daniel’s background and experience always speaks volumes when evaluating beer, and he claims this to be his favorite Sonder beer to date. For the first time Daniel liked the initial tasting a couple weeks before the finish date of the beer, and this was actually alarming to Daniel because he wasn’t accustomed to liking beers in their beginning stages. “When Chase let me try it two weeks ago, I actually really liked it at that point and I disliked every other beer I’ve tried at this point in the process. I always really like them when they are done, so am I going to hate this one when it’s done?” Daniel says. It was a home run for him immediately, pun intended. Pilsners relate to burgundy wine very easily when thinking about the delicacy and balance that goes into the style, and specifically it’s one of the hardest beers to brew because it’s hard to hide flaws and any technical default is easy to see in the final product.

With baseball in mind, it rings true that this is the type of beer you’re looking for on nice warm day at the ballpark with a hot dog. Danny joked but was also serious when he said, “I cracked open this beer, and immediately felt like I could smell Great American ballpark.” The game keeps going on, and you find yourself having your 3rd and 4th round of this one before you even realize.