Sonder Stories Chapter 7: Zauber

Chapter 7 - Zauber German Lager

“If you can brew a lager well, then you can brew anything” -Chase


Zauber is Sonder’s take on a German Lager, specifically a Zwickel Beer, which is a kellerbier that is not filtered. Chase did decide to filter this beer to help with the shelf life, but the rest of the recipe holds true to this rare and specific style of German lagers. The beer still has a good haze to it, which holds true to style. This was a beer that was supposed to be available at open, but with yeast issues and Chase’s dedication to true to style beer, the beer unfortunately had to be dumped. It’s not something any brewer or brewery ever wants to do, but when quality is of the utmost importance, it made the most sense to do it. It worked out in the long run because this beer is now one of the smoothest and most complex lagers available.

Chase loves this beer because of how drinkable it is, how clean and refreshing it is to the consumer, and how free from defect the beer is. Zauber has nothing to hide, and is a straight forward lager that’s easy to appreciate. The buzzwords that float around the brewery about our beer are crisp, clean, crushable, etc and these all ring true about this beer. For any of the people who don’t drink craft beer often or who find themselves drinking more mainstream beers, this is what the bartenders will be pointing you towards if you do visit Sonder. It’s going to deliver the same smooth feel, but with some added complexities and flavors that will be easy to enjoy.

The name Zauber is the German translation for magic, inspired by Chase’s not well known hobby of doing magic tricks. A massive hit with his niece’s, and this hobby also comes out after a couple beers. Specifically on Chase’s birthday in 2018 he had spent some time downtown at a couple breweries, he’d enjoyed his birthday all day long, and Justin got to his house late where they started playing cards. Chase left briefly to go grab a hat his niece’s made for him to wear when he’s doing his magic tricks, and Justin thought Chase was messing with him until he actually fell for a few of the tricks. So if you bring Chase a deck of cards and give him a couple beers, you may be lucky enough to see a couple tricks!