Sonder Stories Chapter 10: 92 Dayz

Chapter 10 - 92 Dayz Hefeweizen

There’s 92 days in both spring and summer, and that’s the time of year when you’ll be able to enjoy this gem of a beer


In typical Sonder fashion, this hefeweizen is very true to style as a Bavarian Hefeweizen. This recipe was written by Chase a couple years prior, and was a good challenge for him. He had fun with it because the recipe was not really solidified until the day they actually brewed it. He was sure to select the right German yeast, and was going for a hefeweizen with less banana notes than normal and lean heavier into the clove flavor. Also being true to style is leaving the beer non filtered, and the beer has a full body mouthfeel while still giving you that option of having a couple without filling up. Chase was always very confident in brewing a beer like this, and will be a seasonal beer for Sonder every year.

The name 92 Dayz comes from there being 92 days in both spring and summer, the time of year when you’ll be able to drink this beer at Sonder. Fun fact, it’s also the year Jen graduated from high school. She did share this openly, and is cool with it being published in this blog and podcast. Be sure to grab this one when it’s available, and in the future this one will hopefully be bottle conditioned to see how some aging will affect this beer. It may also end up in cans down the road.


2019 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup Silver Medal Winner for Tradition German Ale!