Sonder Stories Chapter 11: Mella

Chapter 11 - Mella

The long anticipated sour from Sonder definitely didn’t disappoint


An oak foeder aged sour ale with passionfruit is a bit of a mouth full for a beer description, but it shows that this beer doesn’t lack uniqueness. Chase and Luke are both well versed in quality sour beers, and the anticipation for this beer was high with most of our consumers knowing this. The pressure was on, and they knew that they were going to deliver. It took months for this to come to fruition because they wanted to be sure to do their sour program right. The beer sat in the foeder for a little over a week, then once it was pulled into the tanks they decided to add passion fruit to it. Lactic acid from the house culture was added while in the foeder but taken out once transferred to the tanks, and along with the passionfruit in the tank it gives a well rounded citric and acidic bite with some oak flavor on the end.

The name Mella comes from Chase and Haley’s nieces, Ella and Mia. The entire family was hard for them to leave behind when moving to Cincinnati, but these two were especially hard to move away from. Ella and Mia came up with the name, have been asking Chase and Haley to name a beer after them, and this was the one that made the most sense for them. The beer is fruity and wild, and that fits the mold. They actually have a list of beer names they’ve come up with for Sonder, so we may be reaching out to our independent beer naming contractors Ella and Mia the next time we can’t come up with a beer name.