Sonder Stories Chapter 8: Voss

Chapter 8 - Voss Kolsch

A beer that pays homage to a family ingrained in Sonder roots


Number one on the tap list and a beer that has a special place in Justin’s heart, Voss will always be a Sonder Brewing staple. Voss, a German kolsch, gives fruity esters to the nose and a malty finish. This beer does get lagered, which means that it sits longer on the cold side after being brewed to let the beer slowly ferment into the desired finish. A beer with low bitterness that falls into the “crushable beer” category that you often hear us talk about.

Voss is Liz Neff’s maiden name and also the name of Justin and Liz’s son. The beer pays homage to Liz, Steve & Jody who are Liz’s parents, Voss Neff, and the entire Voss family who have played an enormous part in Sonder’s history.

This beer is always a top seller in the taproom, and it’s additionally helpful that this beer gets used for another one of our core beers, Kato Coffee Kolsch. Some of Voss gets pulled off whenever it gets brewed, and coffee is added for a couple days to create another uniquely crafted beer. We also are able to create adjunct beers like Fruited Voss with Cucumber and Lime to give unique spin offs of beers that people already really like. Fruited Voss was a hit, and will come back from time to time with other fruit, so be on the lookout for whenever we get creative with a fan favorite.