Sonder Stories Chapter 12: Saison de Punch Em Blend One

Chapter 12 - Saison de Punch Em

“I say a lot of things wrong” - Chase


The barrel program is something that Luke is very passionate about, and this beer is the first of many that will be coming from our barrel room and calling it a uniquely crafted beer is an understatement. This is the first blend of our Saison de Punch Em series where one of our saisons gets aged in a french wine puncheon. A puncheon is a very large wine barrel, 132 gallons to be exact. Luke chose a puncheon over a traditional barrel because you get a bit more bang for your buck, and a faster aging time due to the thickness and the permeability of the wood on a puncheon. This is the first of four barrels with this beer in it, and this specific barrel is the saison strain with brett added to allow spontaneous fermentation, and Luke knew this would be the fastest turn around of the four puncheons. This beer sat in the barrel for four months, and once the beer got to a place where he liked it the most he back blended it with another Sonder creation to bring the acidity down and be a bit softer. The mixed culture program is going to always be an evolving program for Sonder, and Luke will always be shooting for a style or flavor with these barrels but ultimately will adapt the barrels to what he is looking to create. Blending, balance, layering, and complexities are the focus with this program, so every beer from this mix culture program will be different and unique.

There’s a lot to be excited about with this program, and in the future there will be very limited release bottles of these beers to go along with draft. Chase is looking forward to bottle conditioning these beers to allow for 100% natural carbonation. These beers will have more carbonation to them than a normal beer typically would, allowing for more of a spritzy and champagne feel to them. This beer won’t be overwhelming, it brings a good balance of saison and brett characteristics without overdoing the acidity.

The name of this beer is a unique one, and it comes from Chase thinking that puncheons are called punchems. Justin for a while thought that Chase was just messing with him calling them punchems, but after a month Justin wasn’t so sure so he finally asked and found out that Chase has been misinformed this whole time on the correct pronunciation. As you know, this couldn’t go unnoticed and needed to be part of the name of this beer/series of beers from the puncheons. Anything coming out of this program is going to be special, so make sure you check it out whenever available!