Sonder Stories Chapter 13: Blanc

Chapter 13 - Blanc White Ale

“A beer so beautiful it deserves a name like Blanc” - Haley

Blanc Can Brewhouse.jpg

A beer that you will always see on the board, Blanc White Ale is one of the first beers Chase created for the group and is our most mysterious beer. A fondness for some other belgian wit style beers from the owners was the driving force behind this being a staple beer for Sonder. Wheat style beers are a particularly favorite style for Daniel, and he loves the flavor profiles of Blanc that compare to beers like Allagash White and Avery White Rascal, but the spice, fruit, and acidity of this beer makes it a unique creation that stands on its own. Daniel will also be the first to tell you that if you’re looking for a Sonder beer to pair with food, Blanc is your best option for almost every scenario because how well the spice elevates the flavor profiles of the food you’re eating.

The true beginning of this beer happened in Justin’s basement, where a lot of meetings early on took place, and the four owners wrote down five of their favorite beers as a way to kick start the conversation about what beers would be sold year round in the taproom. Turns out that Justin, Chase, and Daniel all had Allagash White on their list. Jen had never had it before, but loved it once they were able to get her a bottle of it. Justin actually tried to brew an Allagash White clone when he was living in Chicago, but it was horrible and turn into a clove bomb that no amount of citrus peel could save.

The mysterious part about this beer is twofold,  the ingredients and the brewing practices. It’s hard to speak to the brewing practices, but just know that this beer gets a bit more love during the brewing process than any other. It ends up being a bit more work for the brew team, but the final product is worth it. As far as the ingredients go, only Chase, Luke, and Jeff know the full recipe of Blanc. Daniel has scavenged through trash cans and Justin has guessed relentlessly about the recipe, but now they’ve both accepted their fate as blind consumers and have just grown to accept it as part of the story. The only hint you’ll hear from Chase is that there is no coriander in this beer. The only reason being is personal preference from Chase, but it also results in a unique to style beer because most Belgian Wits will include coriander in the spice mix.

Haley came up with the name of this beer, and it came about when the owners and Haley were blind tasting Blanc versus other beers of the same style. All five ended up preferring Blanc compared to the other beers, and when describing the beer words like beautiful and delicate were used. This gave Haley the idea of mimicking those descriptive words with a beautiful name like the word Blanc, which is white in french. The name is perfect and fits the beer so well that the owners are bit jealous to this day that they didn’t come up with it themselves.

This was the first beer to make its way into cans, and everyone at the brewery loving this beer and truly believing in it was the reason for that. It’s a beer that drinks well year round whether you’re enjoying the spiciness of the beer during the winter or the citrus in the summer. It is also the best food pairing beer we have to go with any meal you’re cooking up, and will be a hit at your next dinner party.