Sonder Stories Chapter 14: All In

Chapter 14 - All In

Luckily we didn’t use dirty water for this beer


The phenolics of this beer are the main reasons for why it is a saison, and it also uses a famous saison strain commonly used by producers of the style. The origin of this style of beer comes from farmers brewing dirty water to purify it to make it drinkable, and then adding ingredients like flowers and spices from around the farm to add flavor. This was a style of beer that Daniel was excited about having the team brew because of the combination of sweet and spice flavors that creates a full bodied beer along with good hop characteristics you would expect with the flavor profile.

Something you’ll commonly see us do is add fruit to some of our staples calling them the fruited version of the base beer. This is the case for Fruited All In where Lemon and Lavender were added to this beer, paying homage to the original creators of this style using ingredients like flowers and fruit to add flavor to beers. The lemon and lavender being added creates a very refreshing beer with a spritzy tang to it. Adding unconventional ingredients, like lavender, to a beer is one of the ways our brew staff will be consistently testing the boundaries of what a beer can really be.

The name of this beer comes from Justin and Chase picking up hobbies, committing to them, spending a bunch of money on them, then getting bored shortly after and dropping them. It drives their wives insane, so if you hear them talk about being “All In” on something you may need to confirm at a later date that they are still in fact “All In” on whatever that was.