Sonder Stories Chaper 3: William Goat

Chapter 3 - William Goat

He’s a formal goat, but he likes to party…


William Goat is our traditional bock beer, made with traditional german malt and hops. Chase is well versed in the style having brewed a bock at New Glarus, but this was the first time a bock recipe of his own was used commercially, while Luke hadn’t brewed this style for the masses till now.

A true test of a beer at Sonder is getting it into the hands of Daniel Schmerr, and letting his honest side come out. After his first taste he was on record for calling William Goat, “the best domestic bock he’s ever had”. The brew team tries the beers everyday to see if they are on track for the final product, and sometimes other Sonder staff get to partake. This included Daniel on the bock where he loved the beer from start to finish.

Historically bocks have a goat as the brand for their beer, and William Goat is the more formal version of a billy goat. More formal, but still likes to party. The first bocks were brewed in Einbeck Germany, and the origin of where the beer started got lost in translation with consumers thinking it was Einbock, not Einbeck. When Beck turned into Bock, the German translation for Bock is Billy Goat, so it was a natural mascot for the style of beer.

Hopefully after you have a couple William Goats, you embody the personality that he brings with him. Don’t let looking good stop you from having a good time. William Goat will be a winter seasonal every year, and he’s going to bring the party everytime.