Sonder Stories Chapter 2: The Midwesterner

Chapter 2 - The Midwesterner

A beer cultivated, brewed, and enjoyed all in the midwest


The Midwesterner Hazy Pale Ale is a Sonder Brewing fan favorite, and a perfect example of Uniquely Crafted beers. Chase and Haley have Wisconsin roots, and the hops from this beer are grown in Wisconsin by Haley’s Dad and Step Uncle, and originally crafted by Haley’s Step Grandfather, Elton, who was a Hoarder Culture professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Elton found a wild hop strand in his land, cultivated it, built it up, and patented it. The hops, named Northern Discovery hops are 100% owned by Haley’s family.

The unique part of it all is that you will only find these hops used in Ohio by Sonder Brewing. Outside of Sonder, there are a couple in Wisconsin and elsewhere that have this hop, but it’s largely only used by Sonder. So not only does Sonder have some exclusivity to this hop, but it was also cultivated by the family member of two Sonder employees, Haley and Chase.

A couple other breweries are using this hop, but we took a nontraditional route with how this beer is brewed. The name, “The Midwesterner”, rings true because all the ingredients for this beer are sourced from the Midwest. Chase crafted this recipe to showcase the hops, which give notes of tangerine, strawberry, and over time will give stone fruit notes as the beer ages. Typically wild hops like this can be very gnarly and aggressive, but the Northern Discovery hop is truly unique in flavor and allows for a clean beer to be created using it.

Haley and Chase have harvested these hops themselves, and the running joke is them telling people to go “harvest the hops themselves”, and Chase is still hoping to get Luke to do it sometime. A sneak peak into hop harvesting is that it can get messy quick with getting cut and stung by hop oils.

The phrase Uniquely Crafted is a commitment of ours to deliver to our fans, and The Midwesterner truly brings that to life. We’re going to have it on tap as much as we can, so stay tuned for when it’s available.