Sonder Stories Chapter 15: Coconut Tears

Chapter 15 - Coconut Tears

“Screw coconut tears, I’ll take onion tears all day over coconut tears” -  Luke


Coconut Tears is our Brown Ale with toasted coconut, toasted cocoa, and vanilla. We brought it back and brewed more of it this time around because of how big of a fan favorite it became. It was one of our fastest moving adjunct beers, so it made sense to brew more of it this time around. It’s a fairly efficient beer for the team to brew because the base beer is our brown ale, Bird Watcher. Although, it is a timely process to add the additional flavors to this beer, and requires Luke to wake up pretty early on the bright tank day for this beer. He’ll get in around 5, and toast the cocoa and coconut on premise in the BrewRiver kitchen. It was 10lbs of coconut per barrel for a 10 barrel batch that gets toasted, and the first time around this was uncharted territory for Luke since he had never used coconut in a beer prior. He reached out to a couple brewing friends to gauge their ways of using coconut in their beers, and then just went for it and clearly it’s been a hit. The added ingredients sat in the bright tank with Bird Watcher for a couple days until Chase and Luke got the flavor they were looking for. Chase and Luke actually talked for a bit about the concern of too much coconut giving the beer a suntan type taste that often comes with coconut beers, but they let it sit for a bit longer than expected and it ended up being very good for the flavor of the beer. 

The original inspiration for this beer was to create the Mounds bar version of a beer, and the original name was supposed to be Sonder Joy. A funny and unique name for sure, but Coconut Tears ended up being the better story because of what happened the first time Luke toasted the coconut. He had never toasted coconut before, and he found out the hard way that toasted coconut will really make your eyes water during the process and Luke actually said, “Screw coconut tears, I’ll take onion tears all day over coconut tears!” The moment was too perfect to not have it play into the name.