Sonder Stories Chapter 16: Quacky

Chapter 16 - Quacky American Lager

It’s a simple recipe, but that’s the only simple aspect of Quacky


This American Lager is brewed in collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank to benefit the Rubber Duck Regatta. The motto of the Regatta is “Buy a Duck, Feed a Child”, and all month long at many places around town (notably Kroger stores) you’re able to purchase rubber ducks as a token of feeding a child. In support of this, all draft sales and six pack sales of Quacky benefit the Rubber Duck Regatta, and you can drink a Quacky in the taproom or stop in at select Krogers, local beer spots, and the taproom to take a six pack home with you. Community is important to the Sonder family, and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this to play such a role in helping one of the biggest charity events in Cincinnati annually. So if you’re into lagers or feeding children experiencing homelessness, buy a Quacky and help feed a child!

Now onto the beer itself, the goal of this beer was to make it approachable to all types of consumers. Traditional American Lagers are lighter in alcohol and lighter in body, and heavy on corn in the process. This was a high gravity beer, which means the brew team started with higher sugar content, fermented it, then diluted with water. What this means is that the added dilution takes the alcohol content down to the desired level of 4.8%, and delivers a very refreshing taste and finish to the beer. It’s incredibly drinkable, and is not an easy beer to brew. The straightforwardness of the beer means that there isn’t anything to hide flaws or off flavors. This beer is only corn flakes and 2-row malt, leaving no room for error in the brewing process. It’s not an easy brew, and it’s also not a quick brew. Dilution can get a bad rep when talking about beer and alcohol, but when done right it gets the beer to the desired flavor profile and alcohol level along with adding to the taste and finish. Chase and Luke had to come in on a Sunday to properly treat the water, and the day ended up being 3x longer than what was expected because of the time it took to get the water to the desired level.