Sonder Stories Chapter 17: Buzzword

Chapter 17 - Buzzword IPL

Buzzword Cans.jpg

The most buzzword worthy beer out there, this beer definitely grabs your attention

Our friends from BC’s Bottle Lodge and Higher Gravity got together with us to come up with the most buzzword worthy beer you can imagine, a Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPL. This is also Sonder’s first collaboration, and is part of the Bottle Shop series BC’s and Higher Gravity are coordinating as collaborations with local breweries. Breweries tend to collaborate really well with each other, but it’s not often that a brewery collaborates with bottle shops to create a unique beer. It’s a fun way for the bottle shop owners to get inside the breweries, come up with unique beer ideas, and work with brew teams on creative beers. With community being so important in the craft beer industry, there’s value and opportunity in partnering with places like bottle shops that serve quality craft beer to people in their neighborhoods every day. 

This beer is abnormal to say the least. You can’t walk into too many breweries, bars, or bottle shops and see an IPL on tap, let alone a hazy double dry hopped version. This beer was built off of a New England IPA malt, and they krausened You Betcha! into this beer to give it New England style characteristics. Krausening beer means to add measured amounts of another beer at its highest fermentation level into a beer to more thoroughly ferment the beer. The base of the beer, being fermented with lager yeast, allows for a clean and crisp beer, but the added dry hopping gives the hop aroma to the beer. A true hybrid beer because of the two different yeast strains, this beer doesn’t lack character. 

Character doesn’t always turn into sales, and there was some concern of this beer not selling in the brewery or bottle shops due to the lack of “sexiness” behind IPLs. With Chase and Luke both being so well versed in lagers and hazies, they were able to talk the group into the idea. It’s a well placed beer in the middle ground of lagers and IPAs. It’s an approachable beer with a slight hop and fruit aroma that is very clean, but still gives a slight hop finish. This beer may single handedly bring back the IPL style from it’s unsexy reputation. Only a one time brew, this beer is available at Sonder, both BC’s Bottle Lodge locations, and Higher Gravity. If the consumers like it, hopefully it can get back on the bottle shop series calendar for next year!