Sonder Stories Chapter 18: Danny

Chapter 18 - Danny

A desert island with Gumballhead, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Miracle, and Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard would be a pretty cool desert island

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Marketing Manager, or PNP as the podcast listeners know him as, Danny Herold brings a unique background to the Marketing team. He studied Marketing and Economics at Xavier, and brings consumer packaged goods experience to the team. A couple of his major responsibilities at Sonder include social media, managing the website, and producing the Sonder Stories podcast. The Marketing Manager at a brewery brings a different task to the table every day, but in his time here Danny has also done things such as hop on the bar to pour beers during a crazy rush, helping out on the can line, delivering kegs, among many other things. He likes that because he’s able to be creative with his job, but also help out around the brewery to be a part of much more than just marketing. He often jokes that the startup life is wild, but he admits that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Interacting with Sonder followers and fans online is his favorite part of the job. He finds that fans of Sonder can be just as passionate about the beer as the employees, and it’s fun for him share those experiences with them even if it’s through social media. 

Not coming from a beer industry background, he got into craft beer in a normal traditional way as a fan of good beer. Started with sharing Great Lakes seasonals with his Dad during breaks from college, turned into him buying some craft beer to enjoy before switching to cheaper options during a night of going out, and then going out to breweries with friends after college. He jokes about filling the millennial beer nerd quota at Sonder, so it’s no surprise to see him grabbing beers like You Betcha!, Blanc, and his favorites being the Frosted series and The Midwesterner. His favorite non-Sonder beers are locally Nutcase by Listermann and in general Gumballhead by Three Floyds. Not often does he repeat purchase beer because he likes testing out new ones, but he dips into some Nutcase and Gumballhead every once in a while. 

When Danny isn’t behind the camera at Sonder, you’ll find him doing things like playing disc golf, reading thriller novels, traveling, and watching Xavier basketball or Cleveland sports. He combines all this by traveling during long weekends to disc golf tournaments, and then when he’s not playing going to breweries to read. It’s a way for him to get out of town for a couple days, and really devote some time to his hobbies. Some of his desert island selections would be Brooklyn Nine Nine for a tv show, Miracle for a movie, and Yellowcard by Ocean Avenue for an album. If you ask him, he’ll be open about his guilty pleasure of rom com movies, and even jokes about staying in, watching rom coms, and enjoying some craft beer with roommates on weekend nights as a change of pace. 

If you see someone snapping pictures in the taproom, there’s a good chance it’s Danny, and if you’ve interacted with Sonder on social media, there’s also a good chance that you’ve interacted with Danny. So if you see him in the taproom, make sure to say hi, he loves getting to meet consumers who love Sonder just as much as him!