Sonder Stories Chapter 19: Original Settlers

Chapter 19 - Original Settlers Oktoberfest

Crafting quality German brews is second nature to the Sonder brew team

Oktoberfest Liter.jpg

A style that is a personal favorite to a lot of people in the Sonder building, this hybrid style oktoberfest is light but not missing any malty flavor. A beer cultivated with german malts, it’s mostly a traditional beer, but does have a slight bitterness to it which Americanizes the beer a bit. Being a hybrid beer this beer delivers the marzen mahogany color and maltiness, but has the drinkability of a festbier. Original Settlers did not make its way into package this year, but is in the plans to be canned next season. With all four managing owners having German heritage, it’s no shock that this is a fan favorite to everyone from the owners to the customers.

The name Original Settlers comes from Chase’s family being some of the original settlers of his home town New Glarus Wisconsin. His whole family is very german, with his mom’s side being part of the original founders of the town. 

Really owning German beer, heritage, and festivities is something Sonder is striving for, so it’s no coincidence that the Mason Deerfield Oktoberfest festival is our biggest event of the year. It has German beer from 17 craft breweries from all over Ohio, German food, live music, vendors, and activities over two days. Cincinnati is a heavy German town, and we love being a part of the German heritage celebration.