Sonder Brewing Brews Quacky Beer 
for the Rubber Duck Regatta

Collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank

Deerfield Township – Sonder Brewing brewed Quacky, American Lager, in collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank’s Rubber Duck Regatta 25th Anniversary Feed A Child campaign. Quacky six-packs will be launching into Kroger stores this week to compliment Kroger’s sponsorship of the Rubber Duck campaign.

“We are honored to have Sonder partner with such an amazing organization and such a great cause,” said Justin Neff, President of Sonder Brewing. “We brewed Quacky as a light-style, easy drinking lager that is a perfect fit for Summer days and watching the launch of 200,000 ducks into the Ohio River.” Sonder will also feature the Freestore Foodbank as it’s Givin’ On A Prayer charity beer for the month of August. For every Quacky pint sold in the Sonder taproom in August, Sonder will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Freestore Foodbank. A launch party will be held on Tuesday, August 6 in the Sonder taproom in Mason, Ohio, where Sonder will have Regatta ducks available for purchase as well as donate 20% of Quacky sales that day.

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These local breweries won medals in national beer championship held in Butler County

July 16, 2019

By Eric Schwartzberg, Staff Writer

Breweries from Hamilton to Hawaii sent in more than 7,000 beers representing more than 130 different styles for the 2019 U.S. Open Beer Championship, and four breweries in Butler and Warren counties were among the 15 southwest Ohio breweries that walked away with medals.

The final round of judging was held at Grandfather’s Barn at 6901 Stillwell Beckett Road in Oxford.

Judging in the U.S. Open Beer Championship is blind; the judges know only the categories, but they do not know what beers they are tasting.

The competition, which has been held since 2009, is the only one to include beers from professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers, with judges from England, Canada and the United States.

The U.S. Open Beer Championship judges more beer styles than any other competition in the world. This year, the new styles included a half dozen new barrel-aged beers.

Sun King Brewing from Indianapolis, Indiana was named Grand National Champion after winning three gold medals and three silver medals. Twenty Ohio breweries took home medals with 16 of those in Southwest Ohio — 13 in the Cincinnati area and 3 in the Dayton area.

In Butler and Warren counties, medal winners by catergory included:

• Honey Beer, Silver: Anniversary DIPA – Municipal Brew Works (Hamilton)

• English Brown Ale, Bronze: We Been Dancin’ – Swine City Brewing (Fairfield);

• Belgian Witbier; Gold: Blanc – Sonder Brewing (Deerfield Twp.)

• Coffee Flavored Beer, Bronze: Lulu Bean – 16 Lots Brewing Company (Mason).

The championship also “awarded” YMCA Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton a donation of hundreds of ice packs used to pack and deliver U.S. Open Beer entries. YMCA Camp Campbell Gard near Cincinnati has one of the best summer camps in the country for special needs children.

Winners from the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas included:

American Amber Lager

Silver: White Legs – Brink Brewing

American Brown Ale

Silver: Mother Fuggle – Eudora Brewing Company – Ohio

American Style Fruit Beer

Bronze: Tangerine Vibes – Taft’s Brewing

Barrel Aged Pale Beer

Silver: Chamomile Joon – MadTree Brewing

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Specialty

Bronze: Broken Empire – The Dayton Beer Co.

Barrel-Aged Fruited Sour Beer

Bronze: Levanto Oscuro – Madtree Brewing

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine

Bronze: Kelly’s Candy – Brink Brewing

Brut IPA

Gold: Soundcheck – Fretboard Brewing

Belgian Pale Ale

Gold: Crazy Train – Fretboard Brewing

Bronze: Doom Pedal – Fifty West Brewing

Belgian Witbier

Bronze: Doom Pedal – Fifty West Brewing – Ohio

Brandy Barrel Aged Beer

Gold: Peach Brandy BA Imperial Chickow! – Listermann Brewing

Barrel-Aged German Lager

Bronze: Beast of Tadmor – The Dayton Beer Company

Coconut Beer

Gold: Coconut Porter – Narrow Path Brewing

English Mild Ale

Gold: Uncle – Rhinegeist Brewery

Silver: Hold The Reins – Brink Brewing

Extra Special Bitter

Gold: Balloon Factory ESB 1 – Heavier Than Air Brewing

Fruit Gose

Gold: Sobbing Mathematically – Streetside Brewery

Specialty Beer/Anything Goes

Silver: Guava Tangent – Rhinegeist Brewery

Bronze: Perceptual Passion – Rhinegeist Brewery


Silver: Chickow! Listermann Brewing

Tequila Barrel Aged Beer

Sonder Brewing | Kato Coffee Kolsch

Craft Beer Joe, May 7th 2019

Storytelling is nearly as prevalent in craft beer as hops. Ok, that may be a stretch but there’s no denying the importance of storytelling in the beer industry. A brewery’s narrative connects its mission and beer to its customers and community. Sonder Brewing, a young brewery located just north of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio, has fully embraced the value of a good story in every aspect of its business.

Sonder Brewing has only been open for five months but they’ve made quite an impression on the local community; one of their initial beers is already a fan favorite because of its flavor and the amazing story behind it. The beer? Kato, a coffee Kolsch.

To understand this beer, let’s start by uncovering why it is called Kato. Jen Meissner is the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sonder Brewing and is also the proud adoptive mother of her son, who is from Ethiopia. And as you may guess, his name is Kato. While going through the process of adoption, it was important for Jen and her husband to learn about their son’s Ethiopian culture. So they became friends with Ethiopian-Americans in their local area. Being connected with people within their own community that represented a culture from across the world had a lasting impression on them.

Part of this was experiencing the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony that is a critical part of the culture. In fact, inviting someone to your house for coffee is a sign of friendship and respect. This ceremony can take hours and is a regular part of Ethiopian life. Jen and her husband fell in love with their culture and their coffee and they couldn’t help but see how the Ethiopian coffee culture mirrors the craft beer culture of the United States. It is about deep connections, rich conversations and enjoying the experience.

When it came time to make a beer with coffee, it was obvious they needed to use Ethiopian coffee and they decided on a specific type called Yirgasheffe. It brings a bright acidity, heavy citrus and finishes with a chocolate nuttiness. These flavors complement the Kolsch beer base quite nicely. And to ensure maximum flavor, the coffee is brewed the same day that it is added to the beer.

They named the beer Kato.

Photo Courtesy Of Sonder Brewing on Twitter

The popularity of this beer is evident any time you walk into the taproom as many people are ordering it. But a light-colored coffee beer isn’t always easy to sell as many assume it will be a dark beer. But customers have caught on quickly and are drinking it up fast so Sonder didn’t waste any time getting some into cans. Many customers bought it by the case so they could share it with their friends and families. The canned beer continued the story as it included the colors of the Ethiopian flag.

If you are looking to try this beer, it will be on tap year-round and it will make its way into cans in late winter/early spring.

At Sonder Brewing, every person and every beer has a story. In fact, that’s actually what the word “Sonder” means. They are embracing the idea that each story has meaning but they approach it from a very humble place. The stories they tell are real, simple and relatable. The people of Sonder are your neighbors and want to know your story just as much as they want to share their stories. Kato has a great story and there are great people behind it, which is ultimately what we are all seeking in craft beer.

'Shine Like Sable' honors Mason fourth-grader who died of flu-related cardiac arrest

Posted: 9:24 AM, Apr 02, 2019

By: WCPO staff

A Mason brewery is helping to raise funds for the Shine Like Sable Foundation — created in honor of Western Row Elementary School fourth-grader Sable Gibson who died of flu-related cardiac arrest in February.

A donation event takes place Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Sonder Brewing at 8584 Duke Blvd. in Mason, according to an event Facebook page.

This month, the brewery is selling the Sonder “Givin’ on a Prayer” tap — a Lore Pale Ale. On Tuesday, 20 percent of proceeds from Lore sales benefit the Shine Like Sable Foundation, and 10 percent of Lore sales will benefit the foundation for the remainder of April. 

The foundation will focus on paying it forward with kindness with initiatives such as weekend food packs and support for teachers, according to the Prayers for Sable Gibson Facebook page.

The foundation was “formed to honor the memory of Sable Gibson who made it her mission to go above and beyond in order to help others,” according to one post.

Later this month the foundation will host an official kickoff to Shine Like Sable at the Kendra Scott store at Liberty Center. That event is from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 25. Again, 20 percent of sales during the event will benefit the foundation. 

During the April 25 event, participants can make purchases from The Sable Collection which features signature pieces designed by Sable’s mom, Holly. The items feature Sable’s October birthstones, according to an event page.

RSVP to the Shine Like Sable kickoff event by clicking here.

Anyone interested in donating to the foundation can send a check to:

  • 4479 Meadowbrook Lane

  • Mason, OH

  • 45040

  • Payable to Shine Like Sable

Parents of girl who died after flu diagnosis create foundation in her memory

Jatara McGee - Reporter WLWT 5

MASON, Ohio —

The heartbroken family of a Mason fourth-grader, who died just over one month ago, is using their grief to inspire change and make a difference.

Sable Gibson, 10, died in February after contracting influenza and strep throat.


Her parents talked with WLWT about how they are keeping her memory and legacy alive in an exclusive interview.

"It's still pretty fresh. It's not even been six weeks," said Holly Gibson, Sable's mother. "I can't even really imagine in 10 years that we'll feel any different. We just have such a hole in our hearts right now that will always be there."

The Gibson household is a little quieter these days, now missing the smallest and sixth Gibson sibling.

"You get lost in your own grief," said Sable's father, Scott Gibson. "We're learning to be more generous and more intentional, which is what Sable already was. Even at 10 years old, she was way more generous than I am. She was way more intentional and didn't even know it."

Monday was particularly emotional. It was the birthday of one of Sable's closest friends, Bella. She and three of Sable's other best friends visited the Gibsons for a birthday party. It marked the first birthday Sable was not able to attend.

"So how many times have you brought up Sable's name today?" Holly asked the girls.

Scott Gibson said seeing the group is one of the most difficult parts, because he sees so much of his daughter in her friends.

"We're not OK ... We'll never be OK," Scott Gibson said. "We'll never forget her. She'll always be a part of our lives. Unfortunately, we know we have to move on. It's hard," he said through tears.

Her parents say Sable was easy to be proud of, easier to love and impossible to forget. They have shed many tears and have been on the receiving end of many hugs and prayers, as well as thousands of greeting cards, some from complete strangers.

Now, they're launching a charity effort that mirrors the acts of kindness for which Sable was well known. They are naming it the Shine Like Sable Foundation and beginning fundraising efforts immediately.

"It gives us a chance to see some good come out of this, if there is any," Holly Gibson said.

Scott Gibson said they will fundraise and volunteer for any cause they see fit and already have several in mind. The foundation is modeled after Sable's selflessness, kindness and what her father calls a "sixth sense for caring and helping people."

"As soon as we get it, it's our desire to ... let's get rid of it and keep that as close to zero as the bank will allow us to," he said. "That's our goal."

A board, made up of businessmen and women and parents in the community, will oversee the foundation.

"So this keeps her memory alive," Holly Gibson said. "Helps. Little reminders along the way."

The Gibsons plan to use money raised through the foundation to give back to Children's Hospital and child life specialists at the hospital, send backpacks of food home to children in need, fund a therapy dog at a Mason library and send at-risk children to Kings' Island, among other goals.

Several fundraisers have already been announced.

At Sonder Brewing in Mason, there is a fundraiser from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The official kickoff fundraiser is scheduled at Kendra Scott in Liberty Center from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 25.

The foundation is also selling t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel on the 'Prayers for Sable Gibson' Facebook page through April 30th. Additional fundraisers and events will also be posted on the page.

Anyone interested in donating to the foundation to send a check payable to "Shine Like Sable" to 4479 Meadowbrook Lane Mason, Ohio, 45040. The Gibsons expect the option to donate electronically to be available by the end of the week.

"It really is shine like Jesus," Holly Gibson said. "It's a daily reminder to do that, but I think everyone can remember Shine Like Sable, too."

Death of 4th grader after flu has family creating fund to help others

Brian Hamrick - Reporter WLWT 5

MASON, Ohio —

An idea to help other people has risen from a tragedy that devastated a Mason family.

Sable Gibson, who was a healthy and active 10-year-old, died in February after getting the flu and strep throat.


Her parents have started a foundation that they hope reflects her personality.

"She taught us a lot about generosity," said Sable's father, Scott Gibson.

Sable's friends and teachers told her parents she was known for her many small acts of kindness.

"We're hearing a lot of stories we didn't even know about," Sable's mother, Holly Gibson, said.

The Shine Like Sable Foundation will raise money to help with projects that may not have any other way to be funded.

The fundraising started Tuesday at Sonder Brewing Co. in Mason.

All month, 10 percent of the sales of one of its craft beers will go toward the foundation.

"So, the goal of the foundation is to have some money available to do small acts of kindness," said Sonder Brewing's vice president of marketing, Jennifer Meissner.

"We're going to continue who she was because this is really who she was: a person. She was just so much fun and brought so much light into a room," said Scott Gibson.

Greater Cincinnati's newest brewery opens this weekend – and it has big plans

By Andy Brownfield – Reporter, Cincinnati Business Courier

Oct 26, 2018, 12:00pm EDT

A Greater Cincinnati brewery opening this weekend is taking full advantage of its 6.5 acres of land, bringing outdoor activities and games to its campus.

Sonder Brewing at 8584 Duke Blvd. in Mason is celebrating its grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 27. The brewery wants to be a place people can go and hang out even if they don't like beer.

Its 6.5-acre campus will lend itself to that. It will have the typical brewery things – taproom, patio and a kitchen serving bar fare – but it will also include amenities like bocce ball courts, cornhole sets, a wiffle ball diamond and a kickball field. Partner Justin Neff describes it as pretty much a full recreation center.

"While our beer will be amazing, it will be a space you want to hang out," he said.

The 3,000-square-foot outdoor patio will include a projection screen to show sporting events and family-friendly movies. Future plans include a rooftop deck with a direct line of sight to the Kings Island fireworks.

Neff is a longtime home brewer. He and his wife moved to Cincinnati for a food industry job where Kroger was his largest customer. It was always his dream – as the son of two small business owners – to do his own entrepreneurial thing, so he got started on what would become Sonder in 2014.

Chase Legler is Sonder's director of brewing operations. He was previously lead brewer for Wisconsin-based New Glarus Brewing, the 16th-largest craft brewery in the U.S., which has been around since 1993. He's joined by head brewer Luke Shropshire, formerly of Columbia Tusculum craft brewery Streetside. Neff said the two brewers' styles complement each other.

"Chase has 14 years of commercial brewing experience – bringing him on was a game-changer – and Luke has a passion for sour beers and some of the up-and-coming funky styles," he said.

Sonder will have the capacity to brew 6,000 barrels annually and will start with keg distribution to Mason initially before expanding to Cincinnati. It will have a full kitchen to serve to the taproom.

Sonder Brewing hosts grand opening on Saturday in Deerfield Township

Sarah Brookbank, Cincinnati EnquirerPublished 10:10 a.m. ET Oct. 25, 2018

Deerfield Township and Sonder Brewing are celebrating the brewery's grand opening on Saturday at 10 a.m.

A ribbon cutting for the event will be held shortly before opening, at 9:30 a.m.

“We are very excited to see Sonder open for business,” Deerfield Township Economic Development Director Jim Flick said. “The craft brewery industry has been thriving over the years and Sonder will put Deerfield on the map as a destination for people throughout the region.”

The Sonder Brewing facility is located at 8584 Duke Boulevard.

The $6.5 million, 15,200 square-foot building will hold a 30-barrel brewhouse. It has a 2,000 square-foot taproom, a spacious bar area, an outdoor patio area and a large family-friendly lawn area.

BrewRiver Gastropub will even offer food.

“We would have never gotten to this point with countless hours of effort and hard work by this amazing team,” Sonder's President Justin Neff said. “We can’t wait to share our beers and beautiful facility with the public and we hope the Sonder story becomes part of the unique story of our community.”

In a previous interview with The Enquirer, the founding team of Jennifer Meissner, Justin Neff and Daniel Schmerr said they envision a place both where corporate employees will spend their happy hours and where families and friends will gather and linger.

The brewery will remain open on Saturday until midnight.

Normal operating hours are Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight; and Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 a.m.