Being a part of this thriving Mason and Cincinnati community is important to us

Through Givin’ On A Prayer, sponsorships, donations, and events Sonder finds many ways to partner with the community. We strive to interact, give back, and partner with local organizations to have a positive and lasting impact.

Givin’ on a Prayer

Sonder believes that everyone and every organization has a unique story. The Sonder Givin’ on a Prayer program helps us both highlight great organizations and support them financially. Givin’ On A Prayer occurs monthly, and includes a dedicated Givin’ On A Prayer tap where 10% of sales from that beer all month long go to the benefit and a Givin’ On A Prayer day where 20% of sales of the Givin’ On A Prayer tap go towards the benefit. We encourage the organizations to partner and promote with us all month long, and to set up on Givin’ On A Prayer Day in the taproom to interact with customers and educate on the participating organization. Please see requirements to apply below:

  • Organizations must have a 501(c) 3 status and provide appropriate documentation for taxes.

  • A member of the organization must work directly with Sonder Brewing for event planning, event marketing, and promotion and education of the charitable entity.

  • An organization can only be represented as a part of Givin’ on a Prayer once per 12 months.

  • At minimum, one representative of the organization must be present during the Tuesday Givin’ on a Prayer launch night.

  • Partner organization will work with the marketing department of Sonder Brewing to co-promote the fundraising effort.

As an organization, Sonder does not identify or solely affiliate with any religious organizations, political affiliations, private education institutions, individuals, or professional groups.

The views or opinions of a partner organization does not necessarily reflect those of Sonder Brewing.

All applications must be submitted 60 days prior to preferred date for consideration.

*Failure to maintain the above-mentioned parameters may result in cancellation of donation

Givin’ On A Prayer application

Sponsorship and Donations

We also get involved with sponsorship and donation requests within the community, so let us know how we can partner together

Please note, as we would love to donate and run events for every organization that reaches out, we are only able to help so many causes so we may have to respectfully decline. We hope this doesn’t deter you from enjoying our beer and space, and we hope to eventually work with everyone who reaches out

Sponsorship and Donations application

Some of the Organizations, foundations, causes, and events we’ve gotten involved with previously:

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