Sonder Stories

A weekly podcast showcasing the stories and people behind Sonder Brewing


Chapter 6: Rally Cap

The guys from Sonder sit down and talk about Rally Cap Pils, our baseball beer. Come for the background of Rally Cap but stay for some baseball trivia


Chapter 5: You Betcha!

Chase, Daniel, Justin, and Luke share the story of You Betcha! and how it came to be Sonder’s NE IPA


Chapter 4: Luke Shropshire

Chase and Justin sit down with Luke Shropshire as he shares his journey on how he came to be the Head Brewer at Sonder Brewing


Chapter 3: William Goat

“He’s a fairly formal goat, but he likes to party”. Chase, Daniel, Justin, and Luke share the story of William Goat, Sonder Brewing’s traditional Bockbier and how Bockbiers came to be


Chapter 2: The Midwesterner

Chase and Haley share the story of the Northern Discovery hop, and how it came to be in one of the most Uniquely Crafted beers that Sonder brews

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Chapter 1: Our Story

Listen as Chase, Daniel, Jen, and Justin share the story of how Sonder Brewing went from being a dream to a reality